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Throughout my life I’ve developed an appreciation for our natural resources, and I want my children, and my grandchildren, and my great-grandchildren to be afforded the same opportunities and resources that I was, from our environment. Sustainability is the word for that; I believe that what we practice today will secure the futures of our succeeding generations.  We owe this to them!

I am not a “tree-hugger” or “bunny-hugger”; I am a Christian who believes that God created the Heavens and the Earth and that it is our responsibility, by being good stewards of the land, to take care of what we have been so graciously given to enjoy.  I believe that we humans are slowly destroying the very resources that keep us alive.  We wouldn’t be ANYwhere without our soil first and foremost.  It is our life source– our food; our water purification system; in combination with trees, our air purification; and so much more!  I believe our resources should be utilized, but in a conservative and sustainable manner. *exiting soap box*

So you may be questioning yourself, “what exactly do you do Charlotte, that is so-called *green*?”  Well… glad you asked 🙂

  • I use digital cameras instead of film, reducing the left over harsh chemicals from processing the film.
  • I display and share client photos using an online photo gallery as opposed to proofs.
  • I use a professional print lab who are environmentally conscious and offer eco-friendly products.
  • I encourage clients to only print the photos they want to display prominently.
  • I use rechargeable batteries in my equipment.
  • I reuse shipping boxes and packing material received.
  • I recycle all paper, cardboard, bubble wrap, styrofoam, plastics, cans and bottles; and, I am proud to say that my family and I use and recycle/ reuse more glass than plastic.
  • I clean air filters frequently to keep furnace and A/C working efficiently.
  • I reduce trips to essentials and do more than one errand per trip.
  • I have my automobile fluids changed at a facility that recycles them.
  • I unplug unused power supplies that use energy even when nothing’s attached.

And these, my friends, are only a few of the ways we can better utilize our resources.  I’m sure I’ve left out quite a few.

OH yeah, and I use eco-friendly cleaning supplies!

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