• Welcome to the blog! I'm Charlotte. Here you will have a little peek into a little of my crazy, wonderful life full of nature, homeschooling, photography, and Young Living essential oils! Enjoy, friend. I am so glad you stopped by!

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General FAQs

Will you travel beyond Lexington, SC? 
ABSOLUTELY; I love to travel!!! Contact me for travel information.

What is PASS and ShootProof?
PASS and ShootProof are platforms for online file storage which allow for immediate download of your purchased digital files. Thus eliminating the need for a “disc of images.” With your photos stored on one of these platforms — PASS (for weddings) and ShootProof (for portrait sessions)– you can not only download, but also access your photos from anywhere with other options for instant sharing with your family and friends!

When we purchase digital files, where should we have prints made?
Printing options are available through PASS (weddings) and ShootProof (portrait sessions), which are the platforms for online file storage mentioned above.  They both are connected to awesome and highly reputable professional print labs! Their prints are higher quality than those you receive from drug stores and their prices are great!  You can order said prints from your phone, tablet, or computer and they will be delivered right to your doorstep! Also, I recommend that any prints you make larger than 8×10 be mounted so that warping does not take place.

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