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My journey to Diamond Bound 4.0

Jordan Schrandt is a name I’ve come to admire over the past 2 years. She is the daughter to a Missouri ag teacher, and has a background herself in Agricultural Communications. So naturally with my ag teacher background, this captured my attention fast! Her story is soooo inspiring, and quite frankly, a tear-jerker. She is a successful business woman (multiple businesses; check out The Farmhouse Movement) and mother to 8 children, 5 of which she adopted through her marriage to a widower, who lost his first wife to cancer, when their youngest was only 3 months old. Now, for about a year I have been hearing of an event called Diamond Bound. I looked into it and LO AND BEHOLD, Jordan is the brains behind this event too! Amazing woman I tell ya!

I desired to go so bad. But I couldn’t justify it because it would be too much of an investment at this point in my business journey with Young Living (what I kept telling myself). Also, am I even on a journey? Can I even claim this? OH the thoughts that cloud my head, on the daily. This business has sort of just captured me and pulled me along with it, and is developing into something I never imagined! Only by the grace of God! I give it all to Him!

So back to Diamond Bound… while the desire was strong to attend, I kept talking myself out of it. After all, it is in a big city (Chicago) and cities scare me a little. lol AND I would have to fly on a plane (also scary a little bit). But I have some amazing ladies in my life that kept routing for me! Telling me over and over how much they would LOVE it if I were there with them! Tagging me when they would see a ticket for sale. Tagging me when someone was raffling off a ticket to the event. ANYTHING, to help me make the trip to Chicago! So, I entered said raffle two weeks ago. But the odds were REALLY stacked against me, as so many thousands of other people were entering as well. But I told one of the gals, “I will be in Chicago IF I win that ticket.” So I prayed to God for guidance and for a sign of whether or not I should go. I (notice that little ‘I’) decided, if I won the ticket, I would go and if not, that was my sign. Ha! That’s not too much to ask, right?! Well, I didn’t win. So, boom! Just like that, it was settled. Case closed. Not going to Chicago.

Two weeks passed, I had accepted that I would just be stalking my friends’ social media all weekend, to try and sneak a peek at the awesomeness that I was sure would unfold. The #FOMO was strong with me; but, I was content. Well… Thursday, as I returned home from running errands, I noticed a text message had come through from an unknown number. I opened it and immediately began BAWLING my eyes out at what I had just read from a total STRANGER:

Photo Sep 27, 3 39 29 PM

I had asked God, that if it was my time to go, let me win that ticket from earlier. I didn’t win it, but I WAS BEING BLESSED WITH A FREE TICKET NOW! And in HIS timing; not mine. Ugh. He continues to show me who is boss. LOL!!! So… being that I had already researched plane tickets and had one ready to snag if I had won that ticket 2 weeks ago, I double checked with Nicki that this was in fact reality. She confirmed it 100%, and that I just needed to make my way to Chicago! I immediately ran inside and bought the plane ticket! (previously had discussed all of this with hubby and stuff, too. 😉 lol)

Now Saturday, I have had all the emotions flooding my head. Causing doubt to arise. Did I act too fast? Was that reeeeally a sign? Am I being selfish to my family? ALL THE GUILT. I couldn’t take it; it was wearing me down. I just needed to stop, be STILL, and PRAY (something I’m working on HARD here lately– praying about everything!) So as I wrestled with God about all my guilts, I opened the Dove chocolate I had snatched on my way to my seat, popped it in my mouth and looked down at the ‘promise’ written on the wrapper. Y’ALL. Oh. My. Goshhhhh. Look at this: (all while I was diffusing Peace and Calming. lol!!!)

Photo Sep 29, 7 05 29 PM (1)

Twice now, I’ve been smacked over the head with a sign from the good Lord above. So, I’m excited to say, I’ll be headed to Chicago soon, to dig deeper into the world of essential oils. I’m officially claiming that I am in fact building a business with Young Living, by educating so many about wellness; because it’s a journey. And I want everyone to be a part of the generational change that is happening!!! There is SO much to learn and I can’t WAIT!!! I still can’t believe this is happening. Feel free to follow my adventures all weekend over on my Instagram stories (@charlotteashley). I am ecstatic to continue this journey and see where the Lord leads it! If you would like to also join this amazing community too (turns out, Nicki is a part of my oily community!), we would LOVE to have you alongside us! It would be SUCH a pleasure to walk with you!

And for those of you wondering about my photography business, I’m still photographing when I can, under other photographers, but after two years of wrestling with what to do, God has slowly closed the door on that season of my life. That doesn’t mean the door won’t re-open in the future, but for this season, the doors of Charlotte Ashley Photography have been closed. But not locked! 😉 And please don’t worry… I know I have a few sessions still up and coming; you have already booked, so you are good to go!

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