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The Year in Review | 2014

As I scrolled back through my sessions and weddings from 2014, I was overcome with crazy emotions, because you see, this time of the year is ALWAYS nutzo for photographers; and, to be quite frank, it seems I always break up with my cameras for about a month when the last session has been done. It’s just how I have to roll. I don’t like being to the point with photography that I feel the need to break up with my cameras, but it ALWAYS happens around December. It’s the rush and pressure of Fall photos and Christmas card photos. It’s been since December 5th that I’ve had my camera in hand, and they still sit on top the shelf where I last put them. I know, I know… sad. I WILL have them in hand when we finally celebrate Christmas with our families though! My little family came down with the flu the week of Christmas, so we have seen NO ONE. sigh.

So back to those crazy emotions as I was scrolling through my sessions and weddings… I. AM. SO. LUCKY! I am so privileged to work with the most AMAZING people. They make me smile and are always the kindest of hearts! I LOVE interacting with people, and to be able to preserve memories for them is one of the highest honors I could ever be granted. I praise God so often for this talent of photography that he has bestowed upon me. I love it so! And I canNOT do life without a camera in my hand (well maybe I can for a month as previously mentioned. haha. But I have had my phone camera!). Goodness gracious, just ask my husband and child. HAHAHA They can SURELY attest to that! As I looked through the stash of sessions from 2014, there were SO many awesome photos that I am SO proud of! And to be honest there were some sessions that just gave me a good chuckle all over again; and THAT my friends, is where my 2014 superlatives come in to play! I’ve decided to start a new tradition for CAP– yearly superlatives. These are not any more special than any of my other clients; please know that! They just happened to stand out immediately in my mind as I opened their session… for the reasons below! But first a little tribute to the year 2014! Some of my favorites from my sessions and weddings! 😀


And now… for the superlatives! These are going to be SO fun! And as a little surprise, I want to gift each superlative a $5 gift card to Panera Bread. I know it’s not much, but it will at least help out with your next purchase! We’ve recently had a Panera Bread open in our town, and I cannot get enough of their coffee, pastries, and food! It’s so yummy!!! Hopefully you all have a Panera close by where you can use your gift card. It will come to you electronically, so I will be emailing them!  And now, on to the superlatives!  Now again… these were picked based on the initial reaction I had when I re-opened their galleries. And they are pretty much MY opinions. To each his own, yes, but this is specific to MY opinions. 😉

Wedding Superlatives

  • Most Beautiful Color Scheme:  Now… all of my weddings are BEAUTIFUL, don’t get me wrong, and there were SO many that had BEAUTIFUL colors. However, there are certain colors that I personally am drawn too, and I get excited over and over and over again when I see these colors, so the winner for this category was… Zach and Emily’s wedding!



  • Most Unique Getaway: I love seeing how my couples plan to leave their wedding… and this one was definitely unique! 😀 Josh and Amanda’s Wedding Getaway.



  • Most Unique Reception Venue: There are SO many awesome and beautiful wedding venues nowadays! I just love seeing where each wedding will take me. Well this one was fabulous and took me all the way back to Cleveland, TN! (I used to live there!) Check out this link to Daniel and Jessica’s wedding to see more vintage-y goodness from this venue! The Fillaur Lake House.



  • Sweetest kiss: I mean, everyone’s kiss is sweet and all, but it’s the story behind this one that makes me say “Awwww!” every time I see this photo! This sweet couple booked me as their wedding photographer all the way back in 2013. Planned their wedding for June of 2013, and then had to postpone due to some unfortunate circumstances. 🙁 Well… it finally happened on July 19, 2014 and I’m so glad!!! Brandon and Shannon are the sweetest couple! Awwww!



  • Most Unique Wedding Shoes: I literally could not WAIT to get my camera on these when I saw them! IN. LOVE. with these shoes STILL! From Cory and Brittany’s big day!



Portrait Superlatives

  • Most Unique Style:  This couple showed up and showed OUT with their crazy, awesome style! TWICE! Check out both sessions with Kenny and Fabi here and here!



  • HOTTEST Session: Bless Hannah’s heart, but this young lady was A TROOPER through her session. No lie– her session landed on the most humid and hot summer day of 2014. Sheesh! You deserve a refreshing drink from Panera girl! LOL I instantly feel dehydrated thinking back to your session.



  • Most Embarrassing Moment during a Session: All I need to say here is… there were some ants in my pants. And a barn close by. HAHAHA! Yes, I had to empty ants from my pants during Kevin and Lena’s engagement session! Luckily there is NO picture of that, so I’ll just share this fav of mine from their session!



  • Most Likely to Smile: Sometimes it’s HARD to extract genuine smiles from my clients, but with this little one it was not hard AT. ALL. She was the most smiley newborn EVER. And she’s 4 months old now and still smiling all over the place! Meet Haven!



  • Most likely to pee on you! This cutie patootie officially wins the award for peeing on the most of my props and fabric drops in one session coming in at a total of 2 pant sets and 3 fabric drops! HAHA Not to mention the other potty breaks caught by diaper! Usually I end up with one pant set and MAYBE 2 fabric drops soiled, but this one just loved my stuff! LOL I even shot on through the event and just edited out the wet spot of this picture! HA

brady_0003.jpg  Congratulations to all of you for making my job memorable!!! 😀 And be looking for your e-gift card. Coming soon!

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