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14 Year Anniversary

You may not believe me when I say this, but there really is something I love more than ice cream, smoothies or pizza.  It’s the man I’ve been married to now for 7 years!  You may not remember our little love story so here’s the link once again. 🙂 August 14, 2011 we celebrated 7 years of marriage (really 14 as we dated for 7 years before being married).  We decided to splurge a little and have a little getaway sans child (which we needed desperately!).  We tried this last year, but our son decided to cut his one year molars the same weekend and well, you know how that goes… fever, snotty nose, diarrhea, etc. so our little getaway came to a halt.  But this year, well… he decided to start cutting his two year molars the SAME anniversary weekend as last.  Sheesh.  Thankfully, my parents convinced me that he would be ay-ok with them and for us to continue with the original plans.  🙂  So, after the hubs put in a couple hours at the office, we made our way to Charleston, SC!!!

I can honestly say that I have coastal blood because well, I do. There’s just something inside of me that yearns to be on the coast.  Always.  It was hard for me at times living in TN, which is a land-locked state; I couldn’t just wake up one morning and decide I wanted to take a little day trip to the beach.  I’m truly a Carolina Girl! So off we go.  We stayed at the Jasmine House Inn which was lovely for so many reasons!  Look how inviting 🙂

Cheese and wine anyone?  YES PLEASE.  And thank you!

After a few glasses of wine, we made our way downtown for dinner.  I loved that we could just walk wherever and not have to fight traffic!  We had dinner at the Husk Restaurant and then enjoyed a moonlit walk along the waterfront park.  Ahhhhhhh.  A very much needed evening for this gal!

The next day we went to the Charleston Museum.  Very much worth the money!  Why is it that for me, History was the hardest subject in school for me to enjoy, but now I want to soak up as much history as possible the older I become?  This was definitely the place to do that!  And after the museum we made our way to the John’s Island Angel Oak tree.  How majestic and beautiful!  Another fun fact:  my grandfather proposed to my grandmother here some 50 years ago or so. 

After taking in this beauty and a local watermelon from a roadside market for lunch, we ventured to McClellanville, SC to find some true seafood, you know, straight from the docks– shrimp and oysters and crabs, oh MY!  And that’s exactly what we found at T.W. Graham and Co.!  The food was AhhhMAZING.  We had crab, shrimp and corn chowder for an app, then a grilled shrimp and black-eyed pea salad (me) and grilled shrimp dinner (hubby) for main, with some good ole sweet tea and key lime pie for dessert!  I can’t describe in words how good this place is!!!  After dinner we did a little sight seeing in McClellanville and decided that when we retire, this is where you will find us Jennings’.  hehe. In our ramblings, I saw this scene and it just beckoned for me to take a picture of it. lol  I think it must have been that gorgeous tree!  Now, I’m thinking I need to photograph a wedding here for sure! 

I’m so blessed; thank you Lord for my husband and his flexible job, my life, my family, my camera, and beautiful places and spaces!  Amen.

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