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Lee Brothers Visit the SC State Farmer’s Market

A few weeks back I was so privileged to be invited by Chernoff Newman’s David Anderson to observe a corporate photo shoot of The Lee Brothers, Matt and Ted, by Keith Lanpher Photography at Hugh Weather’s home, the SC Commissioner of Agriculture.  This photo shoot was organized in efforts to promote Certified South Carolina Grown food.  I must say this was a neat experience for me as I haven’t witnessed this level of photography before.  I was extremely impressed with the set-up required to handle one needed exposure.  Now, there were multiple exposures captured of course, but the outcome was to be that one perfect shot.   Here are a few photos (snapped with a little point and shoot camera, mind you) of what went on that day.  I would say it took nearly four hours to set this up, maybe longer; and Keith and his team were very informative of their actions along the way.  HOLY light diffuser is all I have to say.

The following photo is the type of shot they were striving for.  I’m sure they didn’t use this frame because they tweaked a few things here and there, but final product will yield Matt and Ted cut from that background in post-processing and added in a farm scene which was shot the day before.  You can click here to see the finished product and register to win a free supper for your supper club!  After this day of observations, I now have a new appreciation for food photography.  I promise most of the day (like 6 or 7 hours) was spent preparing that one plate of food!  They even broke out the blow torch, heated up a skewer, and added little “grill” lines to the kielbasa sausage. Wowza.  I must say I was drooling.  LOVE low country boil.

Well… some five weeks later, I received a phone call asking if I could be at the SC State Farmer’s Market
first thing the next morning to document the Lee Brother’s visit.  YES please.  I was able to combine two of my loves– photography and agriculture!  (I actually have a Masters of Agricultural Education from Clemson University.)  I can safely say I now know what being the paparazzi feels like. lol  It was a different style photography than I’m used to, but was again, such a neat experience!  So I leave you, on this lovely Wednesday, with some shots of Matt and Ted Lee browsing through the SC State Farmer’s Market.

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