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Wedding Album

I truly am in love with Leather Craftsmen and their album quality. It is SO worth the wait!  I’ve posted about them in the past, and also wanted to share a few more examples of that constant quality.  They surely will stand the test of time which is what I want to accomplish for my clients.  I want to create a family heirloom, to be enjoyed for many, many years; and, Leather Craftsmen helps make that possible!  Not to mention their customer service is the BOMB :)!

The albums arrive via the hot UPS guy, oh wait, in a very professional black box with their logo.

Inside that box is the album, nicely protected in its very own black, velvet bag.

They are very customizable albums.  I personally prefer a photo embedded on the cover with the couple’s name branded into the genuine black leather.

I love how thick and sturdy the pages are!

And the way the album will lay flat when viewing it.

During album design, I prefer simplicity because it will always trump trendy!  I think about the couple’s grandchildren who will be viewing the album in the future and want it to appeal to them then, the same way that it appeals to us today.

My clients choose their 50 favorite wedding images via their online gallery, and thus begins the album design:)  They are 10×10 in size and contain 24 pages.

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