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Mommyhood: 4mths

I’ve wondered often times why the Oreo company would stoop so low as to make vanilla oreos!?! Well… I’ve figured it out. Being a nursing mother, I’ve had to journal what I eat and then watch the reactions that my little man has to certain foods that make him ‘colicky’ (which I’m convinced is a term for gassy). Yep, you guessed it. He cannot tolerate chocolate. So bring on the vanilla oreos! I’ve looked into several blood sugar ultra reviews and vanilla oreos have a green light!

Now that we are 4mths into life with a child, I’ve acquired an interesting diet of meat and potatoes. Or so it seems. Not only have I not had chocolate in 4mths, but also a number of many other foods that I LOVE, love, LoVe. I’ve had to eliminate from my diet anything peanut related (including one of my favs… french fries from Five Guys and Chick-fil-a due to the fact they are fried in peanut oil), dairy, leafy green veggies including broccoli, and high fiber beans. Yeah, the pinto bean and cornbread supper did him in BAD. It has been an interesting road to travel trying to cut out dairy products as well. Have you ever thought about how much dairy you eat? Well here we go. My morning breakfast ritual of my favorite cereals– out the door. And cereal with water is NOOO good. Soy milk is ok with certain cereals. Lunch is still pretty boring. Sandwich and chips. And supper… no more trips to the Mexican restaurants, pot pies, salmon stew, clam chowder, broccoli, pinto beans with cornbread and buttermilk, macaroni and cheese, PIIIZZZZAAA, salads, etc. So everything I craved during pregnancy, I cannot eat now. Bummer. Did I overdose him in the womb?

And no wonder the 2nd night we had him home from the hospital was spent pacing the floors bouncing him shooshing him swaddling him etc. That day I had eaten cereal with milk for breakfast. Fettuccine Alfredo WITH spinach for lunch. Three Reece cups as a snack. Chicken pot pie for supper; and a bowl of vanilla icecream with DOVE dark chocolate syrup for a snack before bed. Poor Gus.

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    Oh Lord, I laughed so hard when I read your menu from the 2nd night home…bless his little self, I hope he gets a hankering for pizza soon b/c you and I are both pizza freaks, so I know how much you miss it. xoxoReplyCancel

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